The Team:

The Junk Junkie Collective was created by Aoife Beaumont, Jess Sanders and Lucia Martinez. Aoife, Jess and Lucia are freelance artists all based in Haringey Warehouse District, working and championing the arts across a multitude of disciplines within the industry. Junk Junkie Collective has now worked with over 100 different creatives both locally and internationally over the past 6 projects. Junk Junkie Collective prides itself on creating work in a variety of different settings – from squat raves to community/charity organisations to music and arts festivals and art galleries, Lucia, Jess and Aoife are keen to see the work reflected back into communities for all.

Aoife Beaumont –

(Creative Director)

The Holy Spirit @aoife.beaumont

Lucia Martinez –

(Performance Coordinator and Artist Liaison)

The Father @___luce

Jess Sanders –

(Set Designer and Graphic Designer)

The Son  @jessing_gown_studios

Full Manifesto:

Where? The Junk Junkie Collective is a community arts collective based in Haringey Warehouse District. The collective itself aims to put residents of the area at the epicenter of the work which the collective produces and creates work which is reflective of the interests and issues of the artists in the area. The collective aims to treat all artists equally and promote careers for emerging artists within their given discipline. 

Who? Junk Junkie Collective approaches each project they undertake invested in the concept of co-creation and takes a non-prescriptive approach to allow all artists involved to feel a sense of ownership and autonomy. Junk Junkie Collective prides itself on its continued efforts for collaboration as well and forging new relationships, reigniting a sense of community and hopefully uniting artists. 

What? Junk Junkie Collective is an interdisciplinary art community which encourages and encompasses a dialogue between different art forms. Junk Junkie Collective takes on a mutli-media approach and has previously explored art forms such as – set, performance, costume, photo and video, music and decoration, 2D, 3D and 4000000D visuals. We do not limit ourselves to the constraints of the box – nonsense devices, binstruments. 

Junk Junkie Collective almost exclusively uses waste products and bi- products to produce their world building work. Junk Junkie Collective is an environmentally conscious organisation and aims to consider reusing materials to build upon or reconstruct into refreshed works.  Junk Junkie Collective aims to focus on using accessible materials which can be found in urban site specific environments. By using these found materials that are disposed of in local areas, the work we create is collectively made up of past belongings, repurposed and revitalised – merged to bring a new life cycle to something which was once temporary. We aim to use raw materials to create temporary art to build transformative possibilities – not precious about where its next life may take the work. With a motto of ‘anything can be made out of anything’ bringing human experience to imaginative thinking and igniting playfulness, changing the way that we view everyday objects.

Collaborators and Crew :


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