Art and performance installation in the area of Providencia at Electric Picnic arts and music festival.

Deep into the realms of Providencia, hidden amongst deserted shop fronts and down decrepit alley ways just beyond the bin men’s waste sorting grounds live a band of outcasts who have squatted a secluded area. A dumping ground of Providencia’s abandoned waste – welcome to Electorado.

Consumerism has become legally mandated and Electoraudians house a dark secret amidst their towering trash treasures – a black market recycling business. 

A cornucopia of visuals and sounds; interactive and immersive, Electorado aims to provide an exciting and all-encompassing festival experience for participants who can fully engage in the experience and become part of the narrative. A crew of over 40 artists, from builders to performers to the decor team, came together to create this interactive world. 

Electorado – a repair shop where dodgy shopkeepers build their can-fuelled equipment out of broken electrical parts
Ryanairhead, – a satirical check-in desk where festival goers receive a boarding pass to nowhere
Schwarzmarkt – where the human-recycling centre lies amongst a black market for recycled goods
Crack Fox Den – only accessible through a hidden wheelie-bin passageway.

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