Workshop and live performance at a Temporary Autonomous Arts exhibition to raise awareness on the eviction crisis affecting Harringay Warehouse District.

Over the course of TAA’s largest exhibition, the community were invited to create miniature set pieces to decorate and bring an oversized dolls house to life – from pallet beds to spatulas and spoons, the resident warehouse cat to trusty sound systems, individuals were encouraged to create based on their own idea of what’s iconic and memorable about their homes; Culminating in a live performance piece titled ‘Eviction Notice’ where the landlord came to demolish the home which had been created through workshops.

The aim was to..

  • Promote continued conversation surrounding the eviction crisis and our home as a site of cultural interest. 
  • Give the residents a sense of unitedness and community within their homes. 
  • Encourage all to be part of the conversation and a place at the table through the creation process of mini-sculptures which play and expression encouraged throughout. 

From previous T.A.A. exhibition where we displayed 2-D, 3-D and 4000-D sculptures created from the Trash Bash workshops

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